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Welcome to Go&Race!
Are you looking for a running race event? In our database there are 5 races: ultra-marathons, marathons, half-marathons, competitive or non-competitive races, trail, multi-stage events.

Some events have also the race courses, totally interactive by means of Google Map™ technology, with which you can zoom in and out, or analyze the elevation profile and the statistics of plains, climbs and descents of the path. See for example the 11 km (= 6.837 mi) course map of the event called "Marcia della Solidarietà -10°edizione" (Sunday, November 6, 2016).

With Google Earth™ plugin installed (currently not yet available on smartphones), you can also fly over the racetrack with a fantastic 3D animation. As an example, look at the 42.195 km (= 26.224 mi) 3D animation of the event called "Firenze Marathon 2016" (Sunday, November 27, 2016).

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Last 10 running events added on Go&Race
Date Country City Race Name
30/09/2016 Italy
Running race in Italy
Martinengo (BG)
Photo Martinengo, Palio delle Porte
Palio delle Porte
29/10/2016 United Kingdom
Running race in United Kingdom
06/11/2016 Italy
Running race in Italy
Torremaggiore (FG) Marcia della Solidarietà -10°edizione
13/11/2016 Italy
Running race in Italy
Firenze (FI)
Photo Firenze, Coircuito podistico TRE VILLE
Coircuito podistico TRE VILLE
27/11/2016 Italy
Running race in Italy
Firenze (FI)
Photo Firenze, Firenze Marathon 2016
Firenze Marathon 2016