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Information about 42° Pedagnalonga

Running race name: 42° Pedagnalonga
Date and Time: Sun 26/04/2015 09:45
City: Borgo Hermada
Address: Piazza IV Novembre
Region: Lazio - Province: Latina - County: Terracina
Country: Italy
Latitude and longitude: 41.309275 13.170327
About the event:
Other notes:
Trail? No
Cross country event? No
Multi-stage event? No
Initiatives for children and families:
How to apply and entry fee:
Award Description:
Dressing rooms:
Aid stations:
Official website: http://www.pedagnalonga.it/
E-mail: info@pedagnalonga.it
Flier: Not available
Final ranking: Not available
42° Pedagnalonga Facebook page Event on Facebook: Link

42° Pedagnalonga course information

Length Race type Terrain type Course map
Race 1 21.0975 km
(= 13.112 mi)
Half marathon Not available Not available
Race 2 16 km
(= 9.944 mi)
Non-competitive race Not available Not available
Race 3 10 km
(= 6.215 mi)
Competitive race Not available Not available
Race 4 8 km
(= 4.972 mi)
Non-competitive race Not available Not available

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