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Informazioni 100 Miles of Istria

Nome gara podistica: 100 Miles of Istria
Data e ora gara: Ven 11/04/2014
Città: Labin
Nazione: Croazia
Latitudine e longitudine: 45.091589 14.123805
Descrizione evento:
Croatian sport clubs SRK Alba and SD Trickeri organize from 11 to 13 April 2014 the 2nd edition of 100 Miles of Istria, ultra trail race across the Istrian peninsula.

As the director of the event, it is a great pleasure to welcome all who wish to participate in this trail running event. In the previous edition, 237 athletes from 14 different nationalities participated, which made us very happy and proud!

It is for us, without a doubt, a huge honor to organize this event on the Istrian peninsula that, beyond it's recognized touristic attributes, offers excellent conditions for practicing this sport.

Once again we tried to introduce ceratin innovations, so, going against the expectations of many trailers, and instead of the traditional two courses, we offer three (100 miles – 105 kilometers – 65 kilometers).

Due to logistic matters and many requests, we changed the direction of the race, now starting in Labin (100 miles), Lovran (105 kilometers) and Buzet (65 kilometers) and finishing on the western part of the peninsula, in Umag, which is located 30 minutes from the border with Slovenia and has a wide range of hotel accommodation nearby.

The big news has to do precisely with the offer of 100 miles, a race with more distance and elevation than its predecessor. It keeps a large part of the profile of the previous 100 miles, but with a loop around Botonega lake leading through some pretty old towns in central Istria. This race demands good conditioning, only advisable to 'tough squad' athletes with a high endurance capacity.

The 105 kilometers is also a crossing, but with less elevation gain and loss than the 100 miles, and aims to be as straight as possible towards Umag. A race that demands a high level of preparedness, only advisable for athletes with some background experience.

60 kilometers, the shortest race, will start in Buzet and follows the 100 kilometers race route. The athletes require some specific training.

We strongly believe that this event will have all the brilliance expected and be an extra incentive to all who are here to stay a while longer or, perhaps, to return one day.

Welcome to the 2nd edition of 100 Miles od Istria!
Altre note:
Gara di cross? No
Corsa a tappe? No
Iniziative per bambini e/o famiglie:
Modalità e costi di iscrizione:
Descrizione premi:
Punti di ristoro:
Sito internet ufficiale: http://www.istria100.com/en/
Volantino gara: N.D.
Classifica finale: N.D.
Pagina Facebook de 100 Miles of Istria Evento su Facebook: Link

Dettagli percorsi di gara 100 Miles of Istria

Lunghezza Tipo di gara Tipo di terreno Mappa percorso
Gara 1 160.9 km
(= 100 mi)
Ultramaratona N.D. N.D.
Gara 2 105 km
(= 65.258 mi)
Ultramaratona N.D. N.D.
Gara 3 65 km
(= 40.398 mi)
Ultramaratona N.D. N.D.

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