7° Mezza Maratona Città di Pontassieve, course map and altimetry.

7° Mezza Maratona Città di Pontassieve, discover the race course and get the altimetric information

Note: "7° Mezza Maratona Città di Pontassieve" is NOT organized by goandrace.com

On this page is shown the 21.098 km (13.112 mi) course map of the event "7° Mezza Maratona Città di Pontassieve" in Pontassieve, in the Province of Firenze (Sunday, May 7, 2023).
Set on the map the km (or mile) markers. If you want, start an animation by clicking on the button 'Animate'. On the map you can also select different types of layers (Google Map and Open Street Map).

Do you want to fly over the path over the path with a Google Earth 3D animation? Click on the following link:
7° Mezza Maratona Città di Pontassieve: fly over the path (3D animation)

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Download the gpx file of the race path by clicking here. You can use it to send to your Garmin watch or other compatible device.

Unit and marker distance

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Note 1: Note 1: the path length, here calculated using Google Map, may be different from that declared by the race organizers. Accept as true the latter.
Note 2: the elevation and slope are estimated again using Google and may differ from the real ones. Pay attention to any paths with tunnels or viaducts, because the altitude calculated by Google is not that of the road, but rather the land!
Note 3: the slope is found by calculating the change in altitude of at least 150 m (492 ft) long sections. Level roads: slopes between -3% and +3%. Uphill roads: slopes between +3% and +7%. Steep hill upwards: slopes greater than +7%. Similar classification for descents.