How to start running from zero. Beginner workout plan.

How long should I run for as a beginner?

Create your first workout plan to run up to 60 minutes!

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On this page you can generate your first training table to sart runinng up to 1 hour.
Here's a common scenario: You're out of shape, overweight, and then decide to try running. The problem is that every time you try, you manage for a week or two then stop. Complicated training plans with complex intervals are often discouraging and stressful.
We've all been there. The key is to make the ride fun and keep it simple. When you do, running becomes a lifelong habit. Incredibly you will find yourself running even in the rain, even finding it fun. Maybe you'll wake up to go for a run.
Wow! I am one of those who run at dawn! How was this possible? And how is it possible for the day to feel more energetic and no longer tired?

You have turned!

Running and wanting to feel fit is now part of your new life. When you are on vacation, or away for work, you will look around to find out where to go for a jog.

Good workouts and have fun!

How to Go From Zero to Running - Training plan generation

Training plan is 18 weeks long. 3 workouts per week.

Training start date