Half-Marathon pace chart calculator

Get your personal half-marathon pace chart, with km (or miles) lap times

Do you have to run a half-marathon and want to calculate your average pace and speed?
Use our calculator and also get lap times at each km.
For example, if you want to finish the half-marathon in 2 hours, your running pace should be 5'41"/km. You should complete 5 km in 28'26", 10 km in 56'53", 15 km in 1h25'19".
If you prefer, you can choose to have lap times in miles. With the same example of a 2 hour half-marathon, the average pace is 9'09"/mi and you will have to complete 5 miles in 45'46", 10 miles in 1h31'31".

Half-Marathon pace chart calculator: select the unit and insert the half-marathon time to get your pace (in min/km and min/mi) and your speed (in km/h and mph) and to get your personal half-marathon pace chart.
A table will show the travel times at different distances keeping the same pace.

TABLE NOTE - HM: half marathon (21.0975 km or 13.112 mi)

Distance Unit Time [hh:mm:ss]

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