4° Ecomaratona Bagno a Ripoli

4° Ecomaratona Bagno a Ripoli - Bagno a Ripoli, Firenze, Italy

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4° Ecomaratona Bagno a Ripoli
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Information about 4° Ecomaratona Bagno a Ripoli

Running event name: 4° Ecomaratona Bagno a Ripoli

Date and Time: Sun 03/04/2022 08:30

City: Bagno a Ripoli


c/o: Casa del Popolo

Region: Toscana - Province: Firenze - County: Bagno a Ripoli

Country: Italy

Latitude and longitude: 43.752033 11.319183

About the event:

Other notes:

Virtual Race? No

Trail? No

Cross country event? No

Multi-stage event? No

Initiatives for children and families: No information

How to apply and entry fee:
Le iscrizioni riapriranno a partire dal 1 Gennaio 2022, e si chiuderanno al raggiungimento dei 300 iscritti alle gare competitive. Gli atleti iscritti all’edizione 2020 sono automaticamente iscritti.

Award Description:

Dressing rooms:

Aid stations:

Official website: https://www.ecomarathonbagnoaripoli.com/





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Flier: Not available

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4° Ecomaratona Bagno a Ripoli course

Length Race type Terrain type Course map
Race 1 42.195 km
(26.224 mi)
Marathon Not available Not available
Race 2 21.0975 km
(13.112 mi)
Half marathon Not available Not available
Race 3 13 km
(8.08 mi)
Competitive race Not available Not available
Race 4 13 km
(8.08 mi)
Non-competitive race Not available Not available

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