Hobbit 90km Journey 2023

Hobbit 90km Journey 2023 - Hogsback, South Africa

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Hobbit 90km Journey 2023
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Information about Hobbit 90km Journey 2023

Running event name: Hobbit 90km Journey 2023

Date and Time: Fri 28/04/2023

City: Hogsback



Country: South Africa

Latitude and longitude: -32.595174 26.932255

About the event:
Set yourself off on a wonderful, wandering Hobbit journey by tackling the iconic and notoriously demanding Amathole Hiking Trail of the Eastern Cape as a two day staged run.

It's just you amongst thirty brave journeymen and women sharing the adventure covering 90km of varied and magical terrain. From Maden Dam explore the enchanted indigenous forests and intriguing Amathole mountains up to Cata mountain hut to pass the night with good food, good cheer and tired company. The next morning forge onward past cascading waterfalls and across crystal clear streams while enveloped in glorious vistas (and no small amount of sweat) as you make your way over the Hog’s back to finally descend into the town with the same name.

Meanwhile, the Mountain Marathon 42km run on Sunday may be referred to as the short one at this event but this phenomenal route is consistently noted as the ‘most value per kilometre’ trail run in the country. Showcasing an immense variety of terrain and challenges, the course has determined runners building a very special relationship with the ups and downs of mountain running.

The 16km and 5km routes are neither flat nor easy, but very doable and see a mixture of racers and casual runners all loving the magical vibe of the forest along well marked routes.

Race entry includes: Permit for the trail Bus transport from Hogsback to the start (approx. 1hr45min) Accommodation, snacks, dinner and breakfast at Cata Hut for the midway overnight stay on Friday day night Tog bag for overnight gear (issued at registration) Transport of your overnight bag to Cata Hut Paramedic team on site in 4 X 4 vehicle Personalised finisher’s memento

Other notes:

Virtual Race? No

Trail? Yes

Cross country event? No

Multi-stage event? No

Initiatives for children and families: No information

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Hobbit 90km Journey 2023 course

Length Race type Terrain type Course map
Race 1 90 km
(55.935 mi)
Ultramarathon Not available Not available

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