PT281 - Belmonte, Portugal

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Information about PT281

Running event name: PT281

Date and Time: Thu 20/07/2023 09:00

City: Belmonte



Country: Portugal

Latitude and longitude: 40.351063 -7.340854

About the event:
PT281 Ultramarathon is a race of extreme difficulty, due to its mountain characteristics (D+ 6,776 meters / D- 6,900 meters) and intense/dry heat (40º C), placing it somewhere between Badwater (USA) and BR135+ (Brazil).
The course is made in a continuous way, for more than 280 km, on a self-sufficient basis and with a time limit of 66h.
Despite that, there are several checkpoints along the route, where athletes can rest and recover energy.

Other notes:
Transfers are provided by the Organization and at the end there will be a Consecration Party, where it will be given a Finisher Award and an attendance gift.
It is also possible to participate in teams of 2 or 4, male, female, and mixed.
Personal accident and liability insurance included.

Virtual Race? No

Trail? Yes

Cross country event? No

Multi-stage event? No

Initiatives for children and families: No information

How to apply and entry fee:

Award Description:

Dressing rooms:

Aid stations:
All athletes will have access to assistance and food at the Check Points, as well as medical support when needed.

Official website: https://www.pt281.com

E-mail: geral@horizontes.com.pt




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PT281 course

Length Race type Terrain type Course map
Race 1 281 km
(174.643 mi)
Ultramarathon Mostly dirt Not available

Belmonte weather forecasts

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