Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 2023

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 2023 - Bryce Canyon City, Utah, Stati Uniti

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Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 2023
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Informazioni Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 2023

Nome evento: Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 2023

Data e ora gara: Sab 15/07/2023

Città: Bryce Canyon City


c/o: Highway 63 near Ruby’s Inn

Stato: Utah

Nazione: Stati Uniti

Latitudine e longitudine: 37.628316 -112.167695

Descrizione evento:
The sorbet-colored, sandcastle-like spires and hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park pop like a Dr Seuss picture book creation. Though the smallest of southern Utah’s national parks, this is perhaps the most immediately visually stunning, particularly at sunrise and sunset when an orange wash sets the otherworldly rock formations ablaze. Steep trails descend from the rim into the 1000ft amphitheaters of pastel daggers, then continue through a maze of fragrant juniper and undulating high-mountain desert. The location, 77 miles east of Zion and 39 miles west of Escalante, helps make this a must-stop on any southern Utah park itinerary. With that being said, the Bryce Canyon Ultra is the place to be.

The Half Marathon starts at Ruby's Inn on Hwy 63, Bryce (elev. 7,652 ft.). The course heads north, then turns east onto National Scenic Byway 12. The route descends through Bryce Canyon National Park, through the town of Tropic, and ends in Cannonville (elev. 5,800ft.)

The point-to-point course is a flat and downhill run, with a net elevation loss of 1800 ft. The race begins at 6:00 AM at Ruby’s Inn on Highway 63, in Bryce, Utah. The course heads north briefly, then turns east onto National Scenic Byway 12, where runners are treated to spectacular views of the sunrise as it lights up the pink cliffs and red walls of the canyon ahead. For the next four miles, the route descends through Bryce Canyon National Park, offering beautiful vistas of the unique sandstone pinnacles and spires that rise from the bottom of the canyon. After mile five, the course leaves the park and the downhill becomes more gradual as the route rolls through pastures and ranches, crossing the Tropic Ditch and descending into the town of Tropic. From there, the course continues eastward along the Paria River and toward the finish in Cannonville, at an elevation of 5,800 feet. Brilliant red and white rock formations frame the finish line, creating a memorable end to the race.

Altre note:

Virtual Race? No

Trail? No

Gara di cross? No

Corsa a tappe? No

Iniziative per bambini e/o famiglie: Nessuna informazione

Modalità e costi di iscrizione:
$50 - December 15th to January 31st
$60 - February 1st to March 31st
$70 - April 1st to May 31st
$80 - June 1st to July 1st
$90 - July 1st to July 12th - or until online closure
$100 - July 14th Friday “Same Day” in person registration as available

Race entry is capped at 1,200 bibs and online registration will close when the race cap has been reached.

Descrizione premi:
Top 5 places will receive trophies and the following cash prizes for each overall male and female winner.

$500 - 1st place
$400 - 2nd place
$300 - 3rd place
$200 - 4th place
$100 - 5th place

Top 3 winners in each age category male and female get a place medal. Finisher's Medal awarded at the finish line in the runner’s corral at the Cannonville Town Park.


Punti di ristoro:
7 Aid Stations are located along the Half Marathon course. Porta-Potty access at most aid stations and other spots along the raceway and at the finish line. Water and Gatorade are provided at the starting line and aid stations.

Station #1- Under the Dump @ mile 2.3 Station
#2- Mossy Cave @ mile 4.5 Station
#3- Harmon’s Bus Stop @ mile 6.1 Station
#4- Pizza Place @ mile 8.4 (in Tropic) Station
#5- Mecham Dugway @ mile 9.7 Station
#6- Dale's Driveway @ mile 10.9 Station
#7- County Road Shed @ mile 11.9 Station
Finish Line in the Runner’s corral - fruit, bagels, water, chocolate milk and ice cream available!

Report emergencies at any of the aid stations or at the first aid center at the Cannonville town park.

Sito internet ufficiale: https://www.brycecanyonhalfmarathon.com


Pagina Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brycecanyonhalf/



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Volantino gara: N.D.

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Percorsi di gara Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 2023

Lunghezza Tipo di gara Tipo di terreno Mappa percorso
Gara 1 21.0975 km
(13.112 mi)
Mezza maratona N.D. Percorso gara 21.0975 km

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Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 2023, mappa percorso gara 21.0975 km
Volo 3D sul percorso di 21.0975 km

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