Cedar Breaks at Night Half Marathon 2023

Cedar Breaks at Night Half Marathon 2023 - Brian Head, Utah, Stati Uniti

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Cedar Breaks at Night Half Marathon 2023

Informazioni Cedar Breaks at Night Half Marathon 2023

Nome evento: Cedar Breaks at Night Half Marathon 2023

Data e ora gara: Ven 25/08/2023 19:00

Città: Brian Head



Stato: Utah

Nazione: Stati Uniti

Latitudine e longitudine: 37.692755 -112.850777

Descrizione evento:
Turn things up a notch with the Cedar Breaks at Night Half Marathon. Unlock a new challenge as we combine high elevation and dirt trails with darkness. You'll want your best footing for this one (and maybe hiking poles if that's your fancy).

The Cedar Breaks area is adjacent to Bryce Canyon which means you'll be near the top of the Paunsaugunt Plateau at the start line — just shy of 11,000 feet if you were wondering. From there, we don our headlamps and scurry downhill to a colorfully lit finish line. This is a course worth conquering if you're up for a darkened, downhill thrill!

This is a challenging trail run at high altitude. The temperature will be cooler, the air will be thinner, and the night sky will be clearly visible as you run in darkness. Runners will start at the main parking lot at Giant Steps Ski Lodge & Lifts where they will ride a ski lift chair to the start line at just under 11,000ft above sea level. The course begins on a well groomed trail that climbs about 600ft up to Brian Head Peak.

At about mile 3 runners will pass their first aid station and then hop onto pavement temporarily as they run a mile out and back to Brian Head Peak which overlooks Cedar Breaks National Monument and will give the best view of the night sky and the meteor shower.

Runners will return to the trail, passing the same aid station again around mile 5. The next 3 miles the course are fairly level with some rolling ups and downs. This trail portion is a little more technical with some single track and loose rock. From about mile 7.5 to 11 is a steady downhill. At about mile 8.5 the course becomes less technical and is more like a dirt road which descends the mountain and wraps around back into town where it ends back at the ski lodge parking lot. There will be another aid station which runners will pass twice: at mile 9.2 and again at mile 10.7 on their way to the finish line.

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