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Iznik Ultra Marathon 2023

Iznik Ultra Marathon 2023 - Iznik, Turchia

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Iznik Ultra Marathon 2023, mappa centrata su Iznik

Iznik Ultra Marathon 2023
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Informazioni Iznik Ultra Marathon 2023

Nome evento: Iznik Ultra Marathon 2023

Data e ora gara: venerdì 14 aprile 2023

Città: Iznik



Nazione: Turchia

Latitudine e longitudine: 40.429524 29.719743

Descrizione evento:
The İznik Ultra Marathon is Turkey's largest trail running festival.

Organized by Macera Akademisi - MCR Racesetter every year since 2011 (excluding 2020) with the support of local institutions and structures. The idea is simple: to run around İznik Lake and return with the power of the muscles, attracting 1,200 athletes from 26 countries to the races.

The three-day festival includes 160 km, 47 km, and 25 km trail routes, a 14 km Çamdibi, a 5 km UNESCO Historical City Run, and a Children's Run. Along with the spectators, 2,500 sports fans come to Bursa and İznik, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List and has a history of 2,500 years. Guests run with the cheers and support of the 21 villages and neighborhoods around the lake.

Beginners try to push their limits on the 14 km and 25 km trails, while the 47 km and 160 km ultra-marathon routes witness more experienced and stronger athletes pushing their limits. Every year, the athletes raise their goals and start preparing for the next level as soon as they leave İznik. In 2019, the race day on Turkey's most challenging course was extremely difficult, with only one in every four people completing the 160 km. In the 30 hours of İznik Ultra 2019, four seasons were experienced, making the trail even more challenging and turning it into an unforgettable memory. Running among olive trees, green and blue scenery, some reached the finish line with a sense of achievement, while others put the hope of completing the stage another year in their pocket.

The event could not be held in 2020 due to the pandemic, and a special experience was planned in August 2021, taking into account the anticipated third wave of Covid-19. Due to national forest fires, new trails had to be run at a lower level than fruit orchards. In 2022, the event was held on the original trails on May 20-22. In 2023, in addition to the 160K individual, 160K Relay Duo, and 160K Relay Quartet routes, a new 47K route will be added, returning to its essence.

The organization, which has been brought to life by the efforts, time, and dedication of dozens of volunteers, is a significant socio-economic event that local people in İznik and Orhangazi districts eagerly await throughout the year, as well as athletes. Additionally, İznik Ultra works with the Tohum Autism Foundation for autism awareness and social volunteering activities with İznik schools, providing them with both financial and moral support. Every April, İznik Ultra welcomes trail runners from around the world in this historic geography and unique nature, inviting them to İznik, the capital of civilizations, to fulfill their dreams and discover their limits and strengths. Get ready for the next meeting and run in your dreams at İznik Ultra.

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Website: www.iznikultra.com/


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Mappe percorsi Iznik Ultra Marathon 2023

# Lunghezza Tipo di gara Mappa percorso e file gpx Tipo di terreno
Gara 1 160 km
(99.4 mi)
Ultramaratona N.D. Sterrato
Gara 2 47 km
(29.2 mi)
Ultramaratona N.D. Sterrato
Gara 3 25 km
(15.5 mi)
Gara competitiva N.D. Sterrato
Gara 4 14 km
(8.7 mi)
Gara non competitiva N.D. Sterrato
Gara 5 5 km
(3.1 mi)
Gara non competitiva N.D. Sterrato

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