Ultra Race Romania 2023

Ultra Race Romania 2023, informazioni sulla gara podistica a Buzau

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Ultra Race Romania 2023

Informazioni Ultra Race Romania 2023

Nome gara podistica: Ultra Race Romania 2023
Data e ora gara: Gio 10/08/2023 08:00
Città: Buzau
Indirizzo: Mieilor nr 22
Nazione: Romania
Latitudine e longitudine: 45.483345 26.255093
Descrizione evento:
What is Ultra Race Romania?
Just think of running / walking / crawling 250km in 6 stages (7 days) in a part of Romania with beautiful green landscapes, where the legends of the past are still a way of living and the blend of history, culture and the beauty of the nature makes it a must do on one runner’s bucket list.
“When we first thought about this race we promised ourselves to bring the competitors in a part of Romania where “legends meet” so that they have the opportunity to run in a beautifully legendary landscape and have the journey of a lifetime. Each stage is designed in such way that instantly transports the runners in places full of stories that cannot wait to be discovered”, confessed the 2 race directors, Andrei Gligor and Daniel Nica, two ultra runners friends who raced multi-stage self-sufficient races all over the world in the past years.
On short, the competitors have to cover 250km (155 miles) with 11.000m (36.000ft) elevation gain, in 6 stages, in a beautiful but challenging terrain carrying all they need to survive for the whole week.
The first reward will be stunning landscapes, beautiful people met and friendships gained along the way. And to wrap it up the Romanian style, the whole adventure ends with a two days trip to Dracula’s Castle and Peles Castle, having a glimpse in the Romanian history and culture and dive deep in to the Romanian cuisine and traditions.
The second reward, for those seeking UTMB qualifying points, Ultra Race Romania has been ITRA certified and given 6 qualifying points.
Altre note:
Stage 1: 32 km, 1236 m D+, just for warming up and enjoying the scenery, took them to the mysterious Eagle Lake and up to Malaia peak
Stage 2: 37.6 km, 1826 m D+, unveiled the beauty of Podu Calului mountains and Casoca waterfall, a place full of legends.
Stage 3: 46.6 km, 1800 m D+. The fun begins. Climbing is getting steeper and competitors feel the weight of their backpack even heavier
Stage 4: 68.3 km, 1679 m D+. The nightmare. Longest and hardest part of the race. Still, after completing this one competitors might enjoy a rest day.
Stage 5: 43.6 km, 1403 m D+. More local beauty to discover: The Living stones and the Gate of God. Just enjoy the names of these places!
Stage 6 (final one): 16 km, 343 m D+. Epic finish at the Muddy Vulcanos!

"*Marathon des Sables - Hard
*Grand 2 Grand Ultra - Harder
*Ultra Race Romania - CHUCK NORRIS OF ULTRAS!
I've done marathon des Sables in 2018, a 250km stage race that is classed as the toughest footrace on earth in the Sahara desert.
The Grand to Grand Ultra in Nevada USA, at 273kms is another hard race. I DNF in 2018 and redemption in 2019. Half MDS Peru in 2019, at 120kms is no light race.
I just completed now the Ultra Race Romania, another 250km multi day stage race.
Most ultras now say they are tougher than the Marathon des Sable, but this race in Romania was a brutal struggle from beginning to end. With 36000 ft elevation gain, it pushed me to the limit way beyond I thought it was possible." - Lee Thomas - Finisher of Ultra Race Romania 2021.
Virtual Race? No
Gara di cross? No
Corsa a tappe? Sì, 1 tappe per un totale di 250 km (=155.376 mi)
Iniziative per bambini e/o famiglie: Nessuna informazione
Modalità e costi di iscrizione:
We made the process of registering to Ultra Race Romania 2023 Edition easy to access and more affordable to runners by choosing to pay either the full fee 2300€ or a 3 installments plan as follows:

300€ – payable at registration and non-refundable
1000€ – payable no later than 31st of December 2022
1000€ – payable no later than April 30th, 2023

If withdrawal with more than 100 days before the start of the race you are eligible for a 500 € refund.

If withdrawal with less than 100 days before the start of the race we will not be liable to refund you any portion of the entry fee, or otherwise pay you any sum whatsoever, as stated in the Rules & Regulations art 5.4

You must send to us at contact@ultraraceromania.ro a copy of your passport and a copy of your insurance repatriation.

A Medical Certificate signed by a doctor should be downloaded using the button below and an EKG performed less than 30 days prior to the race. These documents must be signed by a GP confirming that you are eligible to take part at this endurance event. The documents, in original, dated and signed, must be presented during the medical check before the race.
Entry fee includes:

3 nights of hotel accommodation (one night before at Hecas Villas near Buzau and two after the event in Brasov)
1 lunch and 1 dinner before race at Hecas Villas, near Buzau
2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 2 dinners after race
Medical assistance for the duration of the event
Bus transfer before: Bucharest to Hecas Villas, near Buzau.
Bus transfer post-race: Brasov / Sinaia to Bran / Bran to Bucharest
Accommodation in tents for the duration of the race
Water at checkpoints and in campsites (hot water provided for meals)
Live tracking using SPOT GEN4 satellite trackers
Finisher’s medal, Finisher’s T-shirt and customized BIB number
2 days trip after the race – exploring the Romanian history and culture by visiting the Bran and Peles Castles and dive deep into the traditional local cuisine. It’s going to be a great opportunity for both competitors and organizers to connect with each other and share the beautiful stories of the race that will just have finished.
Descrizione premi:
There are prizes from our sponsors for top finishers, race kit before the race with various products from sponsors and also the Finisher T-shirt and medal at the end of the race.
The idea of the race is a self supported multi stage event. It 's about sleeping in a tent with other runners from all over the world and live with your own supplies.
Punti di ristoro:
Each stage will have several Check Points during the course with fresh water.
Final refreshment will be a lunch at the finish point and festive dinner after the awards ceremony.
Sito internet ufficiale: https://ultraraceromania.ro/
E-mail: roxana@ultraraceromania.ro
Contatto 1 (nome, email, tel): Roxana Siboiu    roxana@ultraraceromania.ro    0752092041
Volantino gara: N.D.

Percorsi di gara Ultra Race Romania 2023

Lunghezza Tipo di gara Tipo di terreno Mappa percorso
Tappa 1 250 km
(= 155.376 mi)
Ultramaratona Sterrato N.D.

Previsioni meteo Buzau

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