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Are you looking for a training plan to run a marathon?

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On this page you can generate marathon training tables for times from 3 hours to 6 hours.
The starting point is the target time of your marathon, so you can set up the table correctly and successfully complete a 42 K.

To predict your potential race time we suggest you to take a look at our page dedicated to the estimate of the race potential, inspired by a recent performance. Knowing, for example, the actual time of one or more recent half marathons, helps to estimate the final time with which it will be possible to run a marathon.

Once the target time has been established, just set some information in the following form to create the marathon training plan.

Good workouts and good luck for your marathon!

Marathon training plan - Table generation

Select the unit (km or miles), the goal time, the race day. Marathon training plans are 18 weeks long for time below 3h 30', or 16 weeks in the other cases. Calendars sare set forcing event day to Sunday.

Unit Marathon Time
Marathon Date